Sharon Hamilton Designs
Zen-inspired Meditations in Pen & Ink

Coloring Book #2

This book is 7" x 5-1/2 ", spiral bound to lie flat and contains 20 pages of simple designs. Backs of pages may be used for your own designs or doodles. Comes complete and ready for your enjoyment or gifting with a set of 12 colored pencils.

$15 includes tax and shipping


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My mother has always been a creative and extremely talented seamstress and milliner and in later years became an avid quilter. When she started to lose her memory and was no longer able to quilt my sister and I tried to find a creative outlet. Sharon created designs that are simple enough to engage Mom’s creativity and love of color without the frustration of designs too large and complex to complete in a single sitting. As Mom finishes a book, Sharon creates another. They have been popular with Alzheimers groups and care givers.

Coloring Books are a great little gift for a surprising number of people in your life. A friend keeps several on hand for unexpected 'thank you' and birthday gifts.