Sharon Hamilton Designs
Zen-inspired Meditations in Pen & Ink

Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton is a multi-talented resident of Salisbury, CT.  Known for her creativity and passion, she  incorporates those qualities into every endeavor. She started drawing in pen & ink as a morning exercise for relaxation and found her current passion in black and white meditations. Sitting down each morning, she puts pen to paper and what results are intricate, whimsical, Zen-inspired drawings. “I never know what will come out when the pen hits the paper. It just happens. I call it my morning therapy.”

Sharon strongly believes that art enriches the world and should be accessible to everyone. She prices her work accordingly. Pieces are as small as  4" x 4" and may take several hours. Her largest pieces may take several days or weeks to create.

An avid knitter, she specializes in working with 100% cotton yarns. After giving them away to only dear friends and family for almost 25 years, she started selling her Gramma’s Cozy Cottons baby blankets, lap robes and ‘nap wraps’ on line and at specialty boutiques. The same serendipity applies to her blankets. Since she doesn't use a pattern, her combination of stitches always varies and makes each design unique.  Sharon refers to knitting as her evening therapy.

Those who have worked with her benefit from her care and rare combination of technical ability and artistry. She has taught classes throughout the US in management, sales and marketing for the SBA and numerous public agencies. As owner of a small publishing company, Sharon created effective promotional and marketing materials for corporate and small business accounts while paying special attention to the needs of women.